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Potrero is a vibrant community on Guanacaste’s Gold Coast that’s very popular with visitors.

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Potrero is a vibrant community on Guanacaste’s Gold Coast that’s very popular with visitors yet retains its small-town charm. Located between Flamingo and Las Catalinas, it offers easy access to three beaches and a central location to strike out for destinations north or south.
Like most authentically Costa Rican towns, the Potrero downtown has a central soccer field, church, school, and shops - but unlike most downtowns, it’s just one block from the beach. Branching out from this central hub, there are multiple residential developments, hillside mansions, luxury hotels, and great restaurants.
On the southern outskirts is the popular town of Surfside, where many ex-pats live in an exclusive yet accessible neighborhood a few blocks from the beach. Surfside’s hopping main street, just two or three blocks long, is packed with restaurants, bars, shops, tour agencies, an all-inclusive hotel, and a sailing center. Krain Costa Rica’s central office is located at the western end of this main street, sharing a building with a great little grocery store and a pharmacy. We made this our base for a reason - we love Potrero and would recommend it to anyone.
This coastline is known for having some 300 days of sunshine a year. Rainfall is rare during the dry season, which lasts from mid-November through April. The rainy season (or “green season”) lasts from May through October, yet compared to most of Costa Rica it’s more like “Rainy Season Lite.” September and October are known for big downpours, but Guanacaste receives much less rain from May through August. Guanacaste is also less humid than the central and southern Pacific Coast or the muggy Caribbean. A 10-minute drive from downtown Potrero, the brand-new Flamingo Marina is now open to the public.
This state-of-the-art marina will attract yachts, fishing boats, sailboats, and affluent visitors from all over the world, and it’s likely to revitalize the economy of this entire coastline. This makes Potrero an excellent place to invest in real estate, and the sooner the better. Prices are already rising in anticipation of the marina’s opening, and we expect current buyers to see an excellent return on their investments.
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