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Andrea Toledo Chavarría is the showing agent of the Breitlander Team with KRAIN Luxury Real Estate, Costa Rica.  Based in the country’s Guanacaste Province, she has worked across numerous industries, from service-focused entities and tourism agencies to retail establishments.  Her roles have been hands-on and all-encompassing, including project and event management, budget oversight, and stakeholder negotiations.  

Known for being detail-oriented and extremely collaborative, she previously served as a wedding planner at the Dreams Las Mareas Resort in La Cruz, Costa Rica, handling the high-touch orchestration of countless weddings -- typically as many as 20 per month.  During her time at Dreams La Mareas, Andrea was able to grow the average value of weddings at the resort by 60%, with a strategy rooted in entertainment services, unique furnishings, and premium offerings.   

Andrea also worked as a jewelry sales manager for La Cruz hot-spot Café Britt. Her position there gave Andrea an in-depth understanding of precious gemstones while simultaneously generating back-to-back sales successes.  A graduate of Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (the National University of Costa Rica) and its Liberia campus, Andrea earned a bachelor’s degree in international trade and business.  A proficient athlete, she was a basketball player with Liberia’s women’s team and is a proud member of their alumni squad.  


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