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KRAIN Costa Rica is an exclusive affiliate of Luxury Portfolio, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, and Mayfair International.

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KRAIN is the only company in Costa Rica that has global real estate marketing affiliations that encompass commercial, residential, and luxury real estate. Our combined network of agents is unsurpassed; KRAIN’s marketing reach extends to 132 countries and 18 languages. We market our commercial listings to our entire affiliate network, as well as through direct marketing campaigns to all agents in Costa Rica, and to top U.S. agents in specific markets that consistently invest in Costa Rica.
Partnering With Krain

Partnering With Krain

Choosing the proper real estate brokerage to market a listing in Costa Rica is an important decision. Partnering with the right brokerage can add value to the property, bolster the property’s marketing exposure, bring more qualified buyers, and ensure that owners receive top dollar in the sale of their property. In short, KRAIN has assembled the strongest real estate team in Guanacaste. KRAIN has become the premier brokerage for marketing both residential and commercial property.

Our Passion Is Real Estate

Our Passion Is Real Estate

Our team is comprised of U.S. and Canadian agents who have chosen real estate as their profession and value the high standards imposed by U.S. and Canadian licensing requirements. KRAIN’s local reputation and expertise is backed by its selection as a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a global community of over 550 international real estate companies awarded membership based on rigorous standards for service and performance. KRAIN is also the exclusive Costa Rica affiliate for Mayfair International Realty, a London based firm with a global reach. KRAIN’s Luxury Marketing is fueled by Luxury Portfolio. Simply put, we are the best at what we do. Our professionalism, knowledge, and high quality of service is the cornerstone of our unprecedented success and is our continued promise to you, our clients.

We deliver access, insights and sophisticated guidance to discerning clients around the world. As the luxury division of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World,® we have a direct relationship with the very best independent property brokerages and the most well connected and successful top agents in cities around the globe. Over $254 billion dollars in property sales are handled by members of our network who are among the top 500 U.S. firms.

These things, together, deliver superior and measurable results for our clients. We are more than a label. We are people in over 70 countries trained in the art and science of selling the world’s most unique and desirable properties. We are people who know significant property. We are people who are experts in their own market. We are people who are connected.

Our network connects us, and you, to the luxury experts and buyers in 800+ major cities from Bangkok to Barcelona — not just within one brand or company, but among the fi nest, most well-known leaders in each market. These relationships generate thousands of client introductions and billions in sales each year.

A property such as yours requires a tailored and strategic approach to pricing, marketing and negotiation. Luxury Portfolio International® members represent a level of expertise which gives you the confidence that comes from working with the very best. We work with our members by researching and tracking the latest trends in the high-end to help us understand how to best position a property and effectively reach today’s affluent consumer. A sound marketing plan requires knowing your buyer, and we know them better than anybody.

More than 3 million affluent consumers visit our flagship website,, every year to browse in a setting dedicated solely to significant properties and a discerning lifestyle. These are high-net-worth buyers, not dreamers. They have liquid assets of $10.8 million and 57% own a second home. In the U.S. alone, curates more properties priced over $1 million than any other luxury property network. Globally, we market approximately 50,000 properties annually.

$10.8 M Liquid Assets
57% Own a Second Homs
9 Languages
60+ Currencies

Our marketing is meant to produce results, which is why we track the performance of everything we do — and share the results with you. Our proprietary LuxeAnalytics™ application, gives you a real-time view into where your property is reaching potential buyers. Our advertising relationships with media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Juwai, the leading overseas real estate media property in mainland China, and our own Luxury Portfolio International® Magazine, which is distributed in over 70 countries and mailed directly to an extremely exclusive list of our agents’ hand-selected top clients, provide a powerful and unmatched mix of promotion for your property.

We also enable our agents to utilize sophisticated digital advertising tools, such as email marketing opportunities that target other agents around the world to share significant listings, alongside banner ad technology that strategically reaches luxury homebuyers browsing online and retargets potential buyers who view your property. In addition, your property will be promoted on key digital channels around the world including, WeChat in China through our relationship with Mansion Global.

You expect excellence in all things. The sale of your property should be no different. The quality of the professional you retain, and the company for which they work, should be unquestionable.

Unlike most real estate brands or affiliations, companies that apply for membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® must meet a standard of quality and performance to be accepted and remain in the network; even fewer firms qualify for entry into Luxury Portfolio International.® These brands truly are a mark of excellence.  ONLY 20% OF APPLICANTS QUALIFY FOR MEMBERSHIP.

KRAIN Costa Rica is a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World,® a global community of real estate companies awarded membership based on rigorous standards for service and performance.

This LeadingRE distinction ensures that you can count on a quality real estate experience when working with us and will benefit from our global connections to buyers and high quality real estate professionals around the world.

Real estate is an industry with over two million licensees and 100,000 brokerages characterized by wildly inconsistent service delivery and customer experience. Yet membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® is awarded only to select, market-leading companies that have demonstrated excellence in service delivery and results. 80% of companies that apply for membership in LeadingRE are turned away. Our claim to quality is backed by this discriminating third-party endorsement.

Even though real estate is local, homeowners can transact in multiple locations, and buyers may come from anywhere in the world. We offer you the best of both worlds. We have trusted LeadingRE colleagues in over 70 countries, which means we are able to reach a broader pool of prospective buyers than any other company in our market. And when you purchase property in another location across the country or around the world, you benefit from our connections to high-quality real estate professionals, allowing you to transact with comfort and confidence. LeadingRE’s community of over 565 vetted real estate firms with 4,300 offices worldwide – from Hong Kong and Sydney to London and Buenos Aires – means we are both local and global.

Our independent ownership and distinctive local culture are well-aligned with market-specific needs and services. We bring an authentic “Main Street” perspective to real estate that many of the “Big Box” franchised brands traded on Wall Street cannot claim. Our services are distinctive, extensive, and tailored to you. And because our brand is rooted in the communities in which our clients live, we possess deep local knowledge that will help you make smarter, better informed real estate decisions. Our local brands and reputations depend on consistently delivering high performance for the clients we serve.

We have also earned membership in Luxury Portfolio International® (LPI), an exclusive group of LeadingRE companies that hold significant luxury market share and demonstrate a commitment to the high-end.  We are proud to represent the LPI brand and to bring the power and tools of this far-reaching program to our market.

LPI enables us to reach the high-net-worth buyer, nationally and globally through targeted marketing on its flagship website,, attracting an audience with, on average, liquid assets of $10.8 million. We engage even more affluent buyers through its global network of local luxury real estate companies and websites such as,, and in China.

Our agents utilize sophisticated digital and social tools, such as, email marketing direct to top agents, banner ads that strategically reach luxury homebuyers, retargeting technology and more. Through advertising partnerships with media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Luxe Interiors & Design, and Luxury Portfolio International® Magazine, we provide a powerful and unmatched mix of promotion. And by leveraging our extensive media relationships we can secure earned coverage for significant properties. Our marketing produces results, which is why we track performance and share outcomes through our proprietary LuxeAnalytics™ reporting to give you a real-time view into where your property is reaching potential buyers.

Through LPI, we deliver access, insights and sophisticated guidance to our most discerning clientele by leveraging cutting edge tools and direct relationships with the very best independent property brokerages and the most well-connected, successful agents in the world – LPI agents are trained in the art and science of selling the world’s most unique and desirable properties.

First there was a UK-wide network of the best independent real estate brokers. Founded in 1995, the Mayfair Office has grown to become one of the foremost groups of luxury real estate agents in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

In 2005 this group was expanded to North America. Today Mayfair International Realty members can be found across the globe, bringing sophisticated international real estate marketing to a worldwide community of buyers and investors.

This specialism within the real estate sector requires expert knowledge of equestrian facilities and buyers, especially in the show jumping, eventing, racing and polo sectors. Mayfair International Realty has an influential and talented equestrian real estate team to help all those looking to buy or sell property in this niche market across international boundaries.

So many buyers moving overseas look for real estate by or close to their favourite golf courses or those that favour their handicaps. Inside knowledge of the real estate market linked to a detailed understanding of the golf scene is the best way to ensure a sound investment and a lower handicap. Mayfair International Realty can advise on just the right broker/agent who will be pleased to introduce buyers to all the options.

For the wealthiest, most discerning international buyers Mayfair International Realty offers a discreet and highly personal concierge service. Member firms can offer a breathtaking range of outstanding real estate in some of the world’s most exciting and sophisticated locations.

Whether buying or selling real estate, the best way to find the right broker is through good recommendation. The Mayfair International Realty network is as strong as it is because all the members have been well recommended. The very best service to buyers and sellers is to provide the name of a skilled, knowledgeable and sympathetic but uncompromising broker or agent, and this is where Mayfair International Realty excels.

Not only does the Mayfair International Realty website itself have a loyal, enthusiastic and ever-growing following across the world, but each day members’ properties are uploaded to the websites of the Financial Times and Country Life. These two sites alone receive thousands of visitors every day and are a valuable addition to the marketing mix of each property being promoted through Mayfair International Realty members.

Mayfair International Realty is one of the leaders in international real estate marketing for luxury homes. Experienced personnel are skilled in making sure that Mayfair International Realty members receive the maximum publicity for their clients' properties. Through highly-developed press relations the Mayfair International Realty marketing team ensures that member firms and their sellers never miss an opportunity to achieve editorial coverage.

Often different cultures respond to different messages – even though those cultures may share a common language. Also, advertising costs vary widely from country to country. Understanding the nuance of message and the know-how of costs means that Mayfair International Realty members can offer their clients unsurpassed cost-effective international advertising opportunities.

Many international real estate buyers seek a waterside location. Whether it is a magnificent ocean front or lakeside home; a riverside fishing cabin; a boating cottage beside a gentle tide-washed creek, or that extra special home with private mooring in an exclusive intracoastal community, the Mayfair International Realty network offers a superb resource for those wishing to buy or sell waterfront property.

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The KRAIN team not only assists clients in purchasing homes in Costa Rica but also helps with anything their clients need to ensure a peaceful transition into Costa Rican life.

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