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The Central Valley is a distinctive region located in the heart of Costa Rica. It encompasses the main cities of the country, playing a vital role as a business, travel, medical, and educational hub, and is the most densely populated area of this rather small country.

Understanding the Central Valley's size and nature is critical for appreciating its economic and cultural importance to Costa Rica.

The Central Valley as a hub

With an area of 11,366 square kilometers (approximately 4,390 square miles), the Central Valley accounts for more than a fifth of Costa Rica's total land area. As well, nearly two-thirds of the Costa Rican population lives in this region, which both witnesses to its quality of life and strategic importance.

The Central Valley is not only a travel, medical, and educational hub but also the economic powerhouse for Costa Rica. Its strategic location and large population make it a vital center for commerce and industry. Additionally, the region's high standard of living and quality of life attract people from all over the world, contributing to an eclectic and vibrant culture.

The valley's geography is shaped by surrounding mountains, rivers, and volcanoes, and its climate and fertility have made it an optimal location for the concentration of commerce, industry, and services within the country. The fertile land in the valley allows for agricultural activities, including the highest-quality coffee plantations, which have historically been a major base for the Costa Rican economy.

Additionally, the presence of renowned universities and research institutions in the area fosters innovation and attracts businesses seeking a skilled workforce, further boosting the area's economic success.

Whether you are a visitor looking to explore the vibrant life in San José and the surrounding natural areas, or a life adventurer seeking a serene place to retire, the expansive Central Valley is definitely an impressive location to consider.

Other aspects to consider:

Other advantages of the Central Valley include its rich agricultural heritage, diverse cultural offerings, and convenient access to both the Pacific coast and the stunning mountain ranges.

This idyllic setting is not just a feast for the senses but also a hub for medical excellence and business savvy. In the bustling cities of Costa Rica's Central Valley, you will find a robust infrastructure that supports both healthcare and commerce.

The region is a beacon for investors, with properties promising lucrative returns, whether they serve as commercial spaces, travel accommodations, or serene residential homes.

For families, the valley offers a sanctuary of peace in the most politically stable democracy in Central America. Here, children can attend prestigious private schools whose quality of education paves the way to the Ivy League.

The Central Valley is also synonymous with world-class healthcare. With a workforce of doctors educated at top-tier universities, the medical services available span from routine check-ups to specialized procedures, including plastic surgery, dental care, and geriatric services. These offerings rival those found in the United States, ensuring that residents and visitors have access to premier medical care.

Moreover, the Central Valley serves as a gateway to Costa Rica's rich tapestry of natural wonders. One can explore mystical cloud forests, marvel at active volcanoes, experience cascading waterfalls, or unwind on pristine beaches within an hour or two of driving distance.

The proximity to such diverse ecosystems makes the Central Valley not just a place to live or work but a launchpad for unforgettable adventures.

Investing in the Central Valley of Costa Rica means more than just acquiring property; it's an investment in a lifestyle that balances urban conveniences with nature's tranquility—a truly profitable venture in all aspects of life.


The town of Escazú combines modern amenities with native charm. This is a place where residents can live comfortably and enjoy Costa Rica's beauty with an ideal climate all year round. Numerous foreign embassies, luxurious homes, and shopping and dining alternatives. This region attracts expatriates and affluent locals with a high standard of living and private, first-class schools and hospitals. Escazú is noted for its majestic mountain vistas and lush nature, creating a tranquil and serene environment for its residents. The diversified and inviting community in Escazú makes it easier for newcomers to integrate and feel at home.

Santa Ana:

Santa Ana, located near Escazú, is an exclusive area on the western side of the Central Valley. The city is fast-growing and offers a calm yet modern lifestyle. Santa Ana has a friendly small-town vibe and is well-known for its superb restaurants, boutique stores, and outdoor recreation areas. This region blends residential comfort with convenience while being close to San José.

Going even further from Santa Ana and already on the way to the Pacific coast, you will find Ciudad Colon, a more traditional and countrylike sort of town that enjoys a drier climate than the rest of the Central Valley. From its hills, the views are breathtaking.

Cariari, Belen, and Heredia:

This tri-city area blends suburban life with a variety of residential and business projects. Cariari is well-known for its prominent country club and golf course, while Belen attracts attention for its manufacturing facilities and high-quality living conditions. Heredia, often known as "The City of Flowers," has a traditional downtown area, a slower-paced lifestyle, and a cooler temperature thanks to its higher elevation.

Sabana and Rohrmoser:

Sabana is a strategically placed district near the heart of San José, known for La Sabana Metropolitan Park, the city's major urban greenspace.

Diplomats and international residents also like Rohrmoser, a nearby premium residential district. These districts offer a diverse range of cultural attractions, including first-class international schools, art and historical museums, and diverse shopping areas.

With an abundance of housing possibilities ranging from modern apartments to spacious houses, Sabana and Rohrmoser cater to the needs and preferences of individuals from all walks of life.

Escalante is a trendy, energetic neighborhood in San José that is known for its cuisine and nightlife. The area has undergone a cultural renaissance, with numerous contemporary restaurants, coffee shops, and bars occupying renovated vintage buildings. Escalante boasts a lively atmosphere and is a popular spot for both tourists and locals looking for an urban experience with a bohemian twist. This prime traditional neighborhood and its surroundings also offer state-of-the-art apartment towers as well as large and comfortable mansions, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a unique blend of history and modern amenities.

Curridabat, located on the eastern side of San José, offers a high quality of life with a thriving commercial sector, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The commitment to preserving its history and culture adds a unique charm to the area. Curridabat offers a diverse cultural and nightlife scene, abundant outdoor parks, and recreational facilities. The cooler climate enhances the quality of life and makes it an attractive investment in Costa Rica.

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